Caramella Girls is a music game that put your rhythmic skills to the test. It's based on rhythm, speed, finger sensitivity and memory. The song Caramelldansen itself have became a huge success on youtube with more then 30 000 different dance moves made of fans all around the world. It became "The Single Of The Year" in Japan last year as one of many achievements.

Learning to play the game is very simple
Just copy the Caramella Girls dance moves by tapping the buttons in sync with the icons on the beat bar on top. Miss a move and you'll lose power. When no power is left the game is over. Tap bonus stars to fill up your power again.

Local and online high scores are available
You can easily compare your scores with the scores with your friends. For the most bravest try to challenge the best players all around the world.

• Colorful graphics
• Original music tracks in English, Swedish and German
• Three addictive difficulty levels
• Facebook connect to boast your scores to the World
• Local and global high scores

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Download Caramella Girls to your iPhone/iPod Touch today!

There are two easy ways to download Caramella Girls to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone/iPod touch and search for "Caramella Girls". Tap "Buy".
  2. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, just click the link below. Once iTunes is open, click "Buy app".

Supergott Album Caramelltanzen Christmas version Caramelldancing Caramelldansen

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